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Setting Yourself Up for a Healthy Fall and Winter

Sep 16 2022

Stay safe and healthy during the colder weather months by implementing these seven healthy tips.

Practice good hygiene.

Washing your hands regularly is always important, but especially during cold and flu season. Make sure to use soap and water and wash for at least 20 seconds to kill the germs. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces regularly are also important for your protection, as germs can survive on surfaces for days.

Stay active.

As the weather gets colder it can be harder to stay active and get outside. Find a physical activity you enjoy and increase your chances of fighting off illness by relieving stress with exercise. Consider indoor activities like workout classes or walking when there are poor weather conditions.

Stay hydrated. 

Much like a hot summer day can leave you dehydrated, feeling chilly can do the same as your body works hard to stay warm. Make sure you are drinking water constantly throughout your day.

Check your calorie intake. 

As we naturally stay indoors more, it’s easy to become less active. When we are less active, we need fewer calories. Comfort food is synonymous with cooler temps, and these dishes can often pack in more calories. Evaluate your input and your output to stay on top of your weight and maintain healthy balance.

Get enough vitamin D.

As the days become shorter, natural light can lead to a lack of vitamin D. Try to get outside in the sunlight for 15 minutes per day to get your fill.

Monitor your mental health.

Mood changes can occur more when daylight time decreases, and poor weather prevents time spent outside. Regularly communicating with friends and family as well as waking up earlier to have more hours of sunlight can help. Also, make sure you are eating nutritious foods and practicing mindfulness to help maintain your mental health.

Most importantly, talk openly about your mental health with others and don’t be afraid to admit if you need help from a health care professional.

Schedule check-ups you may have missed over the summer.

The summer season is crazy busy for most of us. So, did you miss scheduling an important health screening? Or maybe you need to see your primary care provider for your annual visit before the end of the year? Now is a great time to reach out and get those appointments on the books.

Learn about the primary care services we offer at Bon Secours. 

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