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Scott and Eddy are Big Fans of P.R.E.P.

Feb 15 2023

When you go to the doctor, you typically expect to get a prescription for medication. But at Bon Secours, our doctors are now also prescribing exercise!

“There’s a lot of groups that would benefit from additional movement, exercise, wellness,” Scott Carley (pictured above, left), one of our physical therapists, shares. “This program is perfect for people who need help recovering from an injury, but it’s also great for anyone who just wants a little help getting started with a safe exercise routine.”

At a cost of $60 for 60 days, our P.R.E.P. program gives participants access to the expertise of our physical therapists along with full membership perks at Sportsclub Greenville.

P.R.E.P. begins and ends with an evaluation by one of our physical therapists. You’ll also get a mid-point check-in just to make sure you’re on track with your goals. Additionally, you can hit the gym as many times as you’d like, join the exercises classes, swim a lap in the pool, enjoy a 15-minute massage and even get one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer.

Eddy Kicker (pictured above, right) joined the program after hearing about it from a friend. He says it’s helped him get more familiar with the gym setting, which has resulted in more workouts.

“When you’re not a gym rat, you get kind of intimidated when you hear all the things clinking and clanking and you don’t know how to even adjust the seats,” the 62-year-old shares. “With this program, you have a personal trainer who not only shows you all the different machines, but also meets you wherever you are in your journey, and you go from there. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door and it’s an experience you can build on as much as you want.”

Eddy adds that the program has helped him develop a more regular exercise routine, which has resulted in 15 pounds of weight loss as well as improved strength and mobility so he can keep up with his five grandchildren.

“We’re going to get old, but the rate at which your body deteriorates is really up to you,” he shares. “I just want to be in the best shape this 62-year-old body can be in.”

Scott agrees there can be big benefits to moving, which is the whole premise of the program.

“We like to say motion is lotion,” he explains. “Movement releases synovial fluid in the joints, which is kind of like our body’s WD-40. It’s great for arthritis and arthritic joints, which have that cartilage breakdown.”

While a referral is required to get into the program, you can get that referral from any health care provider – not just those who work at Bon Secours. The goal is to get back to the basics of health, providing people with guidance through two months of regular exercise with the hope that it establishes more than a short-term benefit.

“It’s very traditional for the health care system to prescribe medicine, but if we are not backing that up with good healthy habits, we will not get the outcomes we want,” Scott says. “What I like about P.R.E.P. is that rather than just walking into any gym, signing up and hoping you figure out what to do and what not to do, you have a physical therapist there at the regular checkups to provide that education.”

Learn more about P.R.E.P. by calling 864-527-7044 or visiting the Sportsclub Greenville website.

Also, learn about all the orthopedic and sports medicine services we offer at Bon Secours.

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