A mother helping her son with virtual learning at home during the back-to-school season.

Back-To-School Stress During COVID-19: Video 2

Sep 3 2020

The changes COVID-19 brought this year have disrupted our daily lives, leaving many of us feeling anxious and stressed. As we focus on our physical health right now, it is also equally important to focus on our mental health. Because of this, two of our behavioral health team members have started hosting a video series on handling your mental health during this pandemic.

Dr. Carson Felkel, system medical director, behavioral health, and Dr. Aimee Drescher, clinical psychologist, kicked off this series with a discussion on mental health and back-to-school season. Many of us are not in our typical routines right now because of COVID-19. After sharing their personal struggles and experiences during this time, Dr. Felkel and Dr. Drescher gave tips on how to add moments of self-care into your new schedule.

View this first video here.

Their second video continues along the lines of stress from the back-to-school transition. Dr. Felkel and Dr. Drescher discuss the importance of resiliency during this pandemic, especially as kids start virtual learning at home or return to their school buildings. They also provide tips on how adults can support their kids and help manage challenges by creating a stable environment at home.

Watch this second video here:

Also, the following videos from this series are now available: 

The goal of these videos is to give our community members the mental health tips they need to navigate these challenging times.

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