Serena Sarracent,

Serena’s Life is Rooted in Family and a Great Sense of Pride

Oct 13 2022

This Hispanic Heritage Month, we are proudly showcasing the history, vivid culture and everyday contributions our team members are so proud of. Meet Serena Sarracent, an office coordinator at Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy.

For Serena, this month goes far beyond dates on a calendar.

“I want people to know that it may be broadcasted for a month, but our culture is forever,” she shares. “We are built on strength, perseverance and the willingness to succeed.”

Serena explains that it was her family that inspired her to work in health care in the first place.

“My sister is a nurse practitioner, so I was able to hear about her making a difference in that field. Although I didn’t study the health care field, I was open to the idea of working in that environment.”

And it’s family traditions that give Serena a sense of pride in her heritage.

“Spending time with family is something that is important in the Hispanic culture,” she explains. “Making sure that you take advantage of quality time with loved ones is a big deal. Also, the food is one of the best things about spending time with them! People always say there’s something about your parents and grandparents cooking that just doesn’t compare to anyone.”

Serena’s strong family roots have even impacted her perspective on work with our ministry.

“My work starts with putting a smile on patients’ faces because of how family-oriented we are at my clinic,” she says. “And our patients want to come back and look forward to seeing us. In turn, their physical therapy becomes a more pleasant session.”

Serena continues, “in the health care administration world, I believe we are the rock to the clinic. Being able to obtain insurance benefits, authorizations, patient information, all allow us to better prepare for a new patient coming in long term. I always learned the will to prepare is greater than the will to win.”

The work Serena does for our ministry is completed with a great sense of pride.

“My family, especially my mom, is proud to know that I work in health care like my sister,” she shares. “She always makes jokes and says she doesn’t need a doctor. I was raised up north in Boston where our circumstances were challenging, and we had to work with what we had. But it’s also what makes us so special, because it keeps us humble.”

Overall, Serena feels that Hispanic Heritage Month is a time for her to be excited about how far her family has come.

“I come from two different ethnicities, Puerto Rican and Cuban,” she says. “My families have fought two different paths and have been able to come to America to provide a better future for us. It means we should be proud to come from an environment of people that are unified. This month is a representation of achievement and gratitude. It’s a tradition of remembering where we came from, where we are and where we are going.”

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