Grace Pagtakhan

Grace’s Passion for Caring About the Whole Patient

Sep 27 2023

Grace Pagtakhan, APRN, CNP, a family nurse practitioner at Nansemond Suffolk Family Practice in our Hampton Roads market, is passionate about involving patients in their own care and has very much enjoyed primary care and its aspect of caring for the “whole patient.”

“I am my patient’s biggest cheerleader,” Grace says. “We celebrate their achievements together, and I try to empower and always include them in decision-making. It is the greatest feeling when patients have overcome their health challenges to know I was a part of that journey.”

A nurse for 17 years, she spent the first 10 years as a cardiac nurse but was inspired to become an advanced practice provider (APP) to expand her knowledge and interest in primary care.

“Becoming an APP has given me the opportunity to take care of patients as a ‘whole’ instead of just focusing on the heart,” Grace says.

With Bon Secours for three years, our Mission to serve those who are underserved is what attracted her. She explained that recognizing that each patient is unique has allowed her to learn how to individualize the care she provides.

She also loves mentoring the next generation.

“I have always promised to pay it forward once I became a nurse practitioner, as I know how difficult it is for a student to find a preceptor,” Grace explains.

Her caregiving is fueled by many hobbies. Grace admits that she loves to shop and is a “wanna-be” interior designer and “fashionista.” She is also starting to run 5Ks and likes cooking and trying new kitchen dishes. Skin care, meditation and reading a good book instead of scrolling on her phone are how she spends her nights before falling asleep.

But it’s her family who ground her.

“I have a sit-down dinner with my husband and children every evening, and I try not to do any work at home as much as possible so that I can be present with my family,” Grace says.

It’s APP Week! To all our advanced practice providers, we thank you for the excellent care you provide our patients every day!

Also, learn more about the primary care services we provide at Bon Secours.

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