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Barbara Discovers Her Passion for Weightlifting

Nov 2 2023

More than a decade ago, Barbara developed stress fractures in both her femurs due to medications she was taking. Because of this, she had to undergo surgery. During the procedure, rods and pins were placed in her hips.

“More recently, my hips were causing me a lot of problems, and that’s when my doctor recommended physical therapy at St. Francis Therapy Center,” Barbara shares. “Little did I know that it would change my life for the better.”

One of the most memorable moments for Barbara at Bon Secours St. Francis Therapy Center at Simpsonville came when her physical therapist, Aly, introduced her to the world of weightlifting. Initially, Barbara had her doubts, thinking that lifting weights was not appropriate for her and her condition. But Aly’s encouragement and guidance changed her outlook.

“Aly was like my personal coach – always motivating, fully dedicated to her patients,” Barbara shares. “She didn’t just limit her help to our therapy sessions; she went above and beyond by sharing articles on weightlifting and suggesting books. Before that, I had only worked with lightweight dumbbells. However, by the time I finished my therapy, I was deadlifting 65 pounds!”

Aly didn’t just assist Barbara with her physical therapy; she ignited a passion for weightlifting within her.

“Before I finished therapy, I decided to explore a couple of gyms,” she recalls. “However, it’s not easy to find gyms that cater to women, especially older women, as they often lean toward men. People at the gym were genuinely impressed that I could handle the weightlifting. But honestly, I owe it all to Aly. She encouraged me to keep a small notebook to track my exercises, and I still do that. They were amazed at the gym that I kept a notebook and chose weightlifting over machines.”

Thanks to Aly and her exceptional team’s support and care, Barbara not only regained her physical strength but also discovered a newfound passion for weightlifting as well as a renewed sense of confidence in her abilities.

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