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Welcoming Dr. Cook to Our Orthopedic Family

Sep 12 2022

We are excited to welcome Laura Cook, MD, a board-certified emergency medicine and primary care sports medicine physician, to Bon Secours – Piedmont Orthopedics at Simpsonville!

“I was drawn to the practice of medicine through my studies at Virginia Tech,” Dr. Cook shares. “During my time there, I earned much more than my biochemistry degree.”

While studying at Virginia Tech, Dr. Cook also competed for the university swim team.

“My years as an athlete drew me to sports medicine, where my practice involves the care of athletes and those wishing to remain active, despite injury,” she says.

Piedmont Orthopedics recently opened a new clinic in the Simpsonville area with the plan to hire a primary care sports medicine physician. Dr. Cook saw this as a rare opportunity to increase her sports practice while taking care of local athletes of various levels in the community.

“I have practiced in both emergency and sports medicine, and there is often a lot of overlap,” she explains. “We see many orthopedic injuries in the emergency department and sports medicine often involves urgent or emergency care.”

Dr. Cook chose her specialty of primary care sports medicine and emergency medicine for several reasons. As a former athlete, Dr. Cook aspires to take care of athletes and believes sports medicine goes beyond orthopedic injuries and surgery.

“Athletes deal with pathology like the general population, which is what led me to primary care sports medicine. This is a subspecialty that involves additional training after residency,” she says. “Emergency medicine is my primary specialty, one that involves being a team leader and making quick decisions while staying level-headed in emergent scenarios. It takes hard work, patience and compassion. My training has prepared me to take care of patients in clinic, the emergency department, the training room, the sideline and anywhere in between.”

Dr. Cook is excited to be joining Piedmont Orthopedics as we advance orthopedic care for the community with the new clinic in Simpsonville, S.C.

“I will also be taking care of athletes in the community. I will be back out in the field again, caring for athletes on the sideline,” she promises.

At Piedmont Orthopedics, Dr. Cook will be managing a range of orthopedic acute and chronic injuries while working with the orthopedic surgeons in the group to give the community the best orthopedic care.

“In the sports medicine world, I perform injury diagnosis and management, reduction, splinting, casting, ultrasound diagnostics, ultrasound guided and landmark guided therapeutic injections,” she reveals.

Overall, Dr. Cook believes medicine is a practice and an art.

“I use my clinical knowledge to diagnose and provide the steps toward recovery and treatment, but the path to recovery is not always simple or straight,” she shares. “Patients must be equally motivated to achieve the best possible outcome.

Dr. Cook strives to be caring and hardworking to help her patients succeed and heal. She expects her patients to understand that the healing process takes time and dedication for the best outcome.

“My patients who succeed are those who are motivated and take an active role in their recovery,” she explains. “I will be with them along the way, I consider us a team.”

Dr. Cook sees patients of all age groups and with all types of orthopedic injuries. The most rewarding moments for Dr. Cook of practicing in her specialty are when she can see her care making a difference.

“When a patient or family member smiles or laughs with me, when they thank me, sharing tears of joy or sorrow with them; these moments remind me why I do what I do when the days get tough,” she shares.

Outside of practicing medicine, Dr. Cook enjoys spending time with her husband, her Maltipoo puppy and family. She loves exploring downtown Greenville, S.C. and Lake Keowee as well as riding her indoor bike and baking.

Learn more about the orthopedics and sports medicine services we offer at Bon Secours.

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