Josephine and Felicia: The Ultimate Mother Daughter Duo

Sep 20 2019

Check out this ultimate mother daughter duo! Imagine having the unique opportunity to work with your daughter. This opportunity is a reality and blessing for Josephine Harris and her daughter, Felicia.

Felicia is the nurse director in the orthopedic unit at Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News, VA and began her journey with Bon Secours in 2013. As luck would have it, Josephine eventually became interested in a job opening at the same hospital. Previously a nursing assistant, Josephine was hired in 2015 and joined her daughter, Felicia, on the same floor.

The mother and daughter duo have the occasional laugh as they often simultaneously pull into the parking lot, ready for a busy day of work. In her role, Felicia maintains quality care for all patients and nursing practices. Josephine is an environmental services worker in a nearby unit and helps establish a clean, safe area for new mothers and babies.

Josephine is a single mother of five and has always cared for everyone in her family. Felicia admires her mother’s work ethic and is proud she taught her those values at a young age.

“Watching her working as a certified nursing assistant and seeing how she cares for everyone around her is part of why I became a nurse,” says Felicia.

Josephine and Felicia also enjoy working for a Catholic healthcare system and sharing a prayer on the floor each day.

“I know my mother and I are hearing the same prayer and God is blessing us both,” mentions Felicia.

Both women believe working together has made their relationship stronger as well. The two will even assist each other in daily duties, such as Josephine helping Felicia clean in her unit after patients have been discharged.

“I admire Felicia’s relationship with her staff. She genuinely cares about them and they respect her for it,” states Josephine.

If there is one piece of advice Felicia can give to other daughters, she says it’s this:

“Love your mothers while they are still here. Cherish every moment you have, because those memories will get you through the hard times when she is no longer with you.”

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