Raina Bolander, LPTA

Raina Responds to a House Fire and Helps the Family on Her Way to Work

Aug 24 2022

Raina Bolander, LPTA, (pictured above) is a physical therapist assistant in the acute rehab unit at Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center. Raina has been caring for members of her community since joining our ministry in 2006. But one cold January morning, Raina took serving the public to the next level.

Raina’s coworker, Susan Argilan, CTRS, tells the story of Raina’s commute to work that day.

“Raina could see smoke coming from a home. She immediately pulled over and called 911. Just as she was calling in to dispatch, the residents of the home came running out. Without a second thought, Raina opened up her van and got them inside, safe and warm. She waited with the residents until emergency services arrived.”

“It was just instinct, I guess,” Raina shares. “I was in disbelief at first when I saw the flames, until I saw smoke coming from the roof. I made a quick U-turn and pulled up next to the house as the family was coming out of the front door. I asked them if everyone was out of the house and if they had called 911 yet. They had just jumped out of bed with nothing: no shoes, no phones, no coats, and this was in January. My van was still running with the heat on, and the older lady was in a night gown with no shoes on. The young lady was in shorts and a tank top with only socks on and was holding a toddler in only a diaper and a shirt. I told them to get in my van as it was warm, and we can wait for the police. The fire had spread so quickly that before the family was in the van, the front window had already blown out from the heat.”

Raina continues, “it was a chaotic morning, but I couldn’t just drive by and do nothing. I would just pray others would do the same for my family.”

Susan also continues, “Raina gives you everything she has, no matter what. When she told me that she witnessed a house fire and called 911, I was blown away. She then shared that she had gathered the family into her vehicle to help them stay warm until there was someone who could take them somewhere safe and assist them before she came to work.

“Once she arrived at work, she went about her day as if nothing happened,” Susan adds. “As if she wasn’t a walking miracle for that family in need.” 

“Honestly, when I got recognized for it at work, I was surprised because it had nothing to do with work, except I was an hour late,” Raina says. “I had a student at the time, and she was unable to get started without me, so I felt badly for being late.”

“She is an amazing human,” Susan shares. “If we had more people like Raina in the world, we could move mountains. If stopping for the family would not have caused her to be late, she would have never said anything. That is the kind of person she is 100 percent of the time. She does the good and kind things because that’s what should be done. She never expects to be recognized. She finds the joy in just helping people.”

“Raina is truly a living example of our mission at Bon Secours.”

“I love to help patients make such amazing progress, and I know their life has been changed for the better, forever,” Raina shares. “I have patients I’ve kept in touch with for years because this isn’t just a job for me – I love people and I love to help people.”

And Susan shares that Raina’s patients and peers love working with her.

“Raina has an uncanny ability to connect with all of her patients. She manages to connect with them, build a rapport and challenge them to be better. She does that for her team as well. She always presents with a positive attitude, and it is infectious.”

Raina recently received a Core Culture Award in the Called to Shine program, our ministry’s digital recognition program which allows our team members to recognize anyone across the ministry at any time with personalized messages. Our leaders can also allocate points to the recognitions they send, and employees can redeem these points for merchandise, experiences and much more.

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