Meet Dr. Mugaisi: A Family Man and Family Medicine Physician

Mar 30 2023

Where will you find Hesed Mugaisi, MD, on his day off? In his kitchen making breakfast for his wife and daughters, of course!

“That is my perfect morning,” he shares. “Making them breakfast but also talking about their days, listening to any problems they might have and then trying to help them.”

From there, Dr. Mugaisi will venture outside to enjoy some yardwork and gardening. He might even play a game of fetch with his beloved chocolate lab, Kobe.

“Based on the name of my dog, you can probably guess I’m also a big sports fan,” he jokes.

A sports fan indeed, adding that he will watch pretty much any sport: from basketball to football as well as soccer and rugby. Two of his favorite teams are the Seattle Seahawks and the Golden State Warriors.

“I also like to watch classic movies, like ‘Casablanca.’ I like all of the new Marvel movies as well.”

As for music, Dr. Mugaisi loves classic R&B, soft rock and reggae.

“Luther Vandross and Bob Marley are two of my favorites,” he shares. “But Bob Marley’s older stuff.”

And while Dr. Mugaisi loves indulging in his hobbies on his days off, he also enjoys his work days as a family medicine physician at Bon Secours Suffolk Primary Care.

“It gives me fulfillment in life,” he shares. “I just love seeing families grow up and helping them get through life. And it’s a privilege that they let me into their lives.”

Dr. Mugaisi recalls that it was during his junior year of high school when he first realized he wanted to be a doctor.

“In Kenya, I had an aunt who was a nurse,” he shares. “She inspired me to get into the medical field in the way she helped people by taking care of their illnesses.”

During rotations in medical school, when it came to picking what specialty of medicine he wanted to practice, Dr. Mugaisi originally thought internal medicine was the path for him.

“However, the thought of not dealing with all age groups made me sad,” he shares. “I realized I didn’t want to limit myself and with family medicine, I get to do a little bit of everything. Plus, I get to work with entire families, not just the parents of the family or just the children.”

We were so happy when Dr. Mugaisi decided to join our team back in 2015.

“I was looking to come to the East Coast and was also looking to join a faith-based organization,” he says. “Naturally, Bon Secours was a great fit.”

Dr. Mugaisi adds that he was drawn to our ministry’s Mission of bringing good help to those in need, especially people who are poor, dying and underserved.

“I’m also very into discussions around access to health care and the economics of it,” he adds. “I always want to try and help find solutions to these problems.”

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