Leanne is Teaching the Next Generation of Nurses

Aug 11 2023

Leanne Shelton, MSEd, BSN, RNC-OB, is not just passionate about the nursing profession, she’s equally motivated about educating and supporting other nurses as they find that passion for themselves.

Leanne is the manager of our Hampton Roads market’s program for new nursing graduates, a role she’s held since January of this year.  

“Helping new nurses find their passion and providing them with support for a smooth transition and successful start to their nursing careers is the most rewarding part of my job,” Leanne shares.

She credits her background in both education and nursing for preparing her for the work she does today.

“I love bedside nursing and was a teacher prior to my career as a nurse,” Leanne explains. “My love for nursing combined with my love for teaching naturally progressed into a passion for helping to teach and grow new nurses.”

Leanne has been with our ministry for nearly a decade.

Prior to assuming her new role, Leanne spent three years in nursing professional development and education. It was during that time that Leanne saw firsthand how the COVID-19 pandemic changed the field of nursing, particularly for those just entering the profession.

“I began to see a unique need for individualized support and hands-on learning opportunities for new graduate nurses during and after the pandemic,” Leanne explains.

Those needs witnessed during the trying times of the pandemic have informed the work that Leanne does today.

“Now, I get to provide new nurses with the tools and training to deliver safe and compassionate care,” Leanne shares.

In addition to helping new graduates get their start, Leanne supports nurses as they advance in their careers through shared governance, education and certification growth opportunities.

“It’s rewarding to continue mentoring nurses throughout their careers as they grow their professional practices,” she adds.

The mentorship Leanne enjoys offering others is the way she pays forward the lessons that have been generously given to her over the years.

“I’m thankful for the multitude of colleagues and leaders that I have had the opportunity to work with throughout my nursing career. I have had both formal and informal mentors that have helped me grow as a nurse and leader, and I’ve learned something from everyone I’ve encountered. My favorite thing about my job managing new graduate nurses is the opportunity to share what I have learned and provide the support that I have received throughout my career with new nurses.”

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