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After Years in the ER, Carolyn Finds a New Home in Primary Care

May 24 2022

We are excited to welcome Carolyn Tankersley, a nurse practitioner who recently joined our team at Bon Secours Tappahannock Primary Care.

“As a primary care provider, I help promote health and wellness,” Carolyn shares. “I also help with the management of chronic conditions as well as minor emergencies. And finally, I help patients access specialty physicians when appropriate.”

Prior to joining our ministry, Carolyn worked in the emergency room (ER) setting since 2000. She had also served as an ER nurse practitioner since 2011.

“Working in the ER is a wonderful mix of acute and primary care needs,” Carolyn explains. “Prior to joining Bon Secours, I worked at a university research hospital. There, I was able to care for patients with conditions that you might not have the ability to care for otherwise.”

All of this has given Carolyn a well-rounded base of experience with many body systems and conditions that are also needed for primary care.

During a typical day, I work with patients to take their medical history and perform a physical exam,” Carolyn says. “I also order any labs specialists or imaging needed.”

From there, Carolyn follows up with her patients about results and ongoing care. She communicates, as needed, with the rest of the patient’s care team, too.

“What I enjoy most about my job as a nurse practitioner is the ability to help someone solve their medical problem and preserve or increase their quality of life and being part of the community,” Carolyn shares.

And within our ministry, Carolyn says there is an atmosphere of considering the spiritual needs of the patient and holistic care that is not prevalent in a system that is not faith-based.

“I believe patients of any religious background or no religious belief can benefit from this approach to care,” she adds.

Learn more about the primary care services we offer at Bon Secours.

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