Stefani’s Inspiration is a Family Affair

Mar 2 2023

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you – they just want their kids to be happy.

Some parents want their kids to grow up and become doctors or lawyers or some version of successful. However, when it comes down to it, they’re just hoping their kids end up doing something they find fulfilling. That’s why you sacrifice as a parent – so your kids have a better life.

Stefani Scollise, one of our coordinators of physician services operations in our Hampton Roads market, knows this sentiment all too well. She watched as her own mom went to work for our ministry every day and provided the compassionate service her patients deserved, with a smile.

It’s something Stefani is inspired by, even today.

“My mom is someone who has inspired me, and she also worked for Bon Secours until she retired last December,” Stefani shares. “She showed up to do the job every day. She was present. She was reliable and got the work done. She remained compassionate toward the patients she served, stayed positive, happy and always had a smile on her face.”

Stefani has also been with our ministry for almost 20 years. But before that, she was learning through example what it takes to commit to a life of service.

“My mom became the breadwinner after my dad was involved in a work accident when I was very young,” Stefani adds. “She continued working and supporting our family, while my dad became a stay-at-home parent. Growing up, it was a great normal life for me, and I didn’t understand how difficult this was for her or him. Our story inspires me now as an adult because I have better understanding what she did for our family. It’s inspired me to be committed in things I do and be resilient and adapt.”

Beyond resilience, Stefani tries to remain inspired by her mom’s attitude going in to work every day.

“I keep that same positive energy with everyone I interact with,” Stefani says. “She still encourages me to stay positive and keep being me.”

If there was one thing Stefani could tell other women looking to make a difference and be an inspiration to others in our world today, it would be to “help others, focus, stay positive, strive for excellence.”

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