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Ode to PT: Pam’s Physical Therapy Triumph

Apr 9 2021

Pam Pope had to undergo surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff/bicep muscle. After four weeks with a sling/bump, her surgeon, Daniel Huttman, MD, told her it was time to start physical therapy (PT).

At first, Pam was extremely nervous about this next step. She has never had an injury before that required physical therapy for recovery. Her initial plan was to go to a few appointments, learn the exercises she needed to know, and then quit.

However, Pam’s experience at the Harbour View Office of Bon Secours InMotion ended up changing her life. She feels so blessed and grateful for the care she has received. In fact, she wrote a poem to express her feelings of thanks to our team members. Enjoy it here.

Ode to PT

So after rotator cuff/biceps repair my doc said to me,

Off comes the sling and now starts PT.

I was a little scared to say the least

I’d heard PT was brutal and quite the beast.


So off to InMotion, a little scared I must admit.

I’ll go a couple of times, then I can quit!

Tiffany was the first to greet me with a smile.

Then in came Jonathan, reassuring all the while.


He checked my range of motion and then set up the plan.

I would come twice a week (can I do this I thought – oh man!)

The first visit was the longest mile I could trod,

Then I saw Stephen bearing witness to God.


I saw that as a positive sign that I was in the right place,

Then I met sweet Ashley, my PT angel full of grace.

She treated me so gently and seemed to really care.

She laughed at all my silly stories I felt I could share.


We’ll start with the pendulum, swing your arm to and fro,

That looks like a mountain gorilla, so I’d have to take it slow.

Well since I’ve been here following the instructions I had,

I decided they made it fun, hey this isn’t so bad.


So over the next couple months I learned many new tricks,

Like being a wall walker and poking the air with a stick.

The wounded butterfly wasn’t bad for my injured wing,

But cleaning their walls with a towel was a different thing.


I learned the shaky, shaky, and how it made me melt,

The kneading of the muscle, which I really felt.

Ashley encouraged me to try the ice

And boy was she right – it felt so very nice.


They have tables with pillows as they work their charms,

And did you know they have a treadmill for your arms?

There’s mirrors you can look to make sure you are right,

Trying to follow directions when your muscles feel tight.


All kidding aside I am really blessed to be here,

I’ve made some new friends and they bring me cheer.

Compassionate and knowledgeable, they treat you right,

But you must do your part to win the fight.


God brings special people into our lives every day,

They come to us in many different ways.

I would recommend InMotion to anyone in need,

Of gentle, compassionate and effective PT.


Dear PT crew, you touch lives every day,

And bring comfort to those struggling to find a way,

To ease the hurt and regain some control,

And bring patients back up from the dark, scary hole.


Thank you especially to Ashley and Jonathan, my pro team!

You proved PT is not brutal or scary or mean.


You will get out of it what you invest,

So up on that table, no time to rest!


Learn more about the physical therapy and rehabilitation services we offer at Bon Secours.

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Gloria Beyerle

We enjoyed your poem. It was very inspiring and upbeat. St. Francis has a great team. My physical therapy there made my knees so strong & healthy. Bob & Gloria Beyerle
June 16th, 2021 | 5:59pm

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