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Dr. Huttman First in the Region to Perform New Rotator Cuff Procedure

Jul 8 2022

Daniel Huttman, MD, (pictured above) knew he wanted to pursue a career in medicine after shadowing an orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta, Ga. However, it wasn’t until he completed his third-year medical rotation that he knew it was the right fit.

“I was fascinated with the musculoskeletal system as well as a surgeon’s ability to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries,” Dr. Huttman shares. “After seeing the depth of orthopedic surgical procedures and the positive outcomes these surgeons were able to provide their patients, I was hooked.”

During his orthopedic surgery fellowship in Philadelphia, Pa., Dr. Huttman came across a new procedure option for patients with irreparable rotator cuff tears. However, the procedure was in an FDA investigational device exemptions (IDE) trial. But after witnessing first-hand the safety and effectiveness of this subacromial balloon spacer implant, Dr. Huttman had been anxiously awaiting FDA approval and the opportunity to perform this procedure for our patients.

In the late summer of 2021, the InSpace Balloon implant procedure received full FDA approval. Then, in March of 2022, Dr. Huttman became the first orthopedic surgeon in the Hampton Roads region to perform this procedure at Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center.

We spoke with Dr. Huttman and he was kind enough to share his thoughts about this exciting new treatment option for patients with massive rotator cuff tears. Read his answers below.

What is the InSpace Balloon implant procedure and how does it work?

“The InSpace Balloon is a shoulder surgical implant for patients with massive rotator cuff tears that are not able to be repaired primarily with surgery. It works by filling in the space where the massive rotator cuff tear has occurred to keep the anatomy as normal as possible. By doing this, the biomechanics of the shoulder remain relatively unchanged, and function can be maintained.”

What is recovery time like for this procedure?

“Recovery time can be anywhere from three to nine months for a full recovery, depending on what else was done during the surgery.”

What symptoms do these patients experience prior to surgery?

“Patients who would benefit from this new procedure may experience shoulder pain both at rest and with use, but typically worse with use. They also may experience pain at night as well as difficulty attempting to raise the arm to or above shoulder height.”

What does this new treatment option mean in terms of better outcomes for patients?

“The new treatment option means a quicker recovery time, less invasive surgical option and a quicker surgical procedure time than other options currently available to these patients. While I strive to offer my patients the latest surgical techniques, I also want to ensure that we continue offering all available options to our patients so that they can make an informed decision and be involved in the treatment process. Being the first in the region for this particular procedure just helps show my commitment to our patients in staying up to date with the latest medical advances and staying ahead of the curve.”

The InSpace Balloon implant procedure is available at Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center as well as Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital and Bon Secours Southampton Medical Center.

Learn more about all the orthopedic services we offer at Bon Secours.  

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