Amy Carrier and Leigh Sewell

Meet Amy and Leigh: Two Female Leaders in Our Virginia Markets

May 27 2020

Recent studies have revealed having diverse teams that include female leadership produce better overall results. Here at Bon Secours, we are very proud and grateful for the female leaders in all of our markets. Their drive, expertise and guidance have helped move our ministry forward to achieve many goals.

Today, we would like to highlight two female leaders from our Virginia markets, Amy Carrier and Leigh Sewell.

Amy Carrier Makes Inside Business Power List

Amy Carrier (above left) is the president of the Bon Secours Hampton Roads market. The facilities Amy oversees are some of the area’s largest employers. Her responsibilities include nearly 5,000 associates, five hospitals, one freestanding emergency department as well as many specialty care practices, ambulatory centers and primary care practices.

While this could be a lot for one leader to handle, especially during a pandemic, Amy continues to push herself and her teams to do better, while staying rooted in our ministry’s mission. As a result of her hard work, she has been honored with a spot on this year’s Inside Business Power List.

“During this time of upheaval and uncertainty, it is more important than ever for our leaders to feel connected to the compassionate ministry of Christ through our work,” Amy shared during her interview with Inside Business Hampton Roads regarding her response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amy is the first female to lead Bon Secours in Hampton Roads. She has also surrounded herself with a group of other strong women. In fact, Amy’s executive leadership team is the only team of all female leaders in the health care industry in Hampton Roads.

We are so excited to see what Amy and her group will continue to do to lead this market into the next phase.

Leigh Sewell’s Unique Path to Success

Putting your resume together can be intimidating, especially given how lengthy job descriptions can be. However, it is important to remember that you don’t always have to be a perfect fit on paper to apply for a position.

Just ask Leigh Sewell (above right), president, Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center, Bon Secours Richmond Community Hospital, and the Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing in the Richmond, Virginia market.

“Don’t accept no for an answer. Keep trying, and eventually, it will happen,” shares Leigh.

Leigh first realized her passion for health care after the birth of her twins in 2006. Arriving prematurely, one of them suffered a brain injury that led to cerebral palsy.

“From day one in her life, I needed to be my daughter’s advocate by navigating our complex health care system. I soon realized I wanted to make a difference in health care as my job, not just for my daughter,” Leigh says.

Despite having no degree or experience in health care, Leigh began applying for hospital administration jobs. Finally, through a family connection, she connected with a hospital CEO at Bon Secours. Her passion for the industry was enough to land her an interview. Before long, Leigh had her first health care position.

Now, thirteen years after making the jump into a new career path, she says anyone can land their dream job. It’s just a matter of effort.

“Make connections in that industry, leverage your current contacts, differentiate yourself, and be persistent,” is Leigh’s advice to others.

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