All-Female Leadership Team Share Thoughts on Women’s History Month

Mar 11 2021

Last year, during Women’s History Month, we introduced you to Bon Secours’ first and only all-female market leadership team in the ministry – the leaders of our Hampton Roads, VA market.

Since then, 2020 brought many important conversations about diversity and representation to the forefront. As an organization that was founded by religious women many years ago, we are proud to continue breaking down barriers and leveraging powerful potential with our women leaders so we can provide quality, compassionate care to those in need.

This year, we spoke with these leaders to dig deeper and find out more of what it means to them to be part of an all-female leadership team. Here are the members of the Bon Secours Hampton Roads executive leadership team, followed by their reflections.

What is it like being a woman leader in health care?

  • Darlene: Having been in health care for almost 40 years in various leadership roles, it has definitely been a transformation. To me, I’ve never differentiated being a female leader versus being a leader in health care. I feel a good leader is one with vision, understanding and the courage to honestly represent others who may not have a voice “at the table.” I do think that being a female executive brings some expanded experiences and opinions, especially as it relates to my beliefs in work-life balance for our team members. I believe taking care of our team is the best way to ensure our patients and residents are well cared for.
  • Kate: I think I have a unique perspective on being a woman leader in health care in that, to be honest, I don’t necessarily feel like a “woman leader” but rather just a “leader.” There has never felt like a glass ceiling in health care leadership to me because in my entire career, I have always worked with and for leaders who were women. These women have different backgrounds – nursing, social work, business – and have demonstrated that passion and hard work can open any door. Women make up the majority of the health care workforce, and I feel privileged that in my organization and at my facility, we have a representative leadership group that truly embodies our workforce.

What is it like being part of an all-female leadership team?

  • Kim: I am very fortunate to work with experienced colleagues who have been very supportive of our hospital and community as we have joined the Bon Secours ministry. These women are strategic operators that are energetic and focused on improving the health and well-being of our community and associates.
  • Judy: I’m impressed with our team’s ability to listen to those around us and to sincerely care about the way our decisions impact our patients and team members. I also think we have a keen awareness of the importance of work-life balance.

What woman in your life or in history do you look up to most?

  • Cindy: Well that is easy, that would be my mom. She was an incredible woman, mother and wife!
  • Amy: I’ve been fortunate to have many strong female influences in my family and my career. My paternal grandmother influenced me to never stop learning and growing; my maternal grandmother influenced me to be bold, take chances and believe in myself; and my mother was my first and most significant role model. She was a successful health care executive, influenced my decision to pursue a career in health care and showed me the importance of compassion and kindness in leadership.

It’s no secret that empowered women empower women. Our Hampton Roads leaders exemplify this in everything they do for our facilities and staff members, patients, and communities. Bon Secours Hampton Roads spans four hospitals and multiple sites of patient care across southeastern Virginia.

Learn about our mission as well as the health care services we provide at Bon Secours. 

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