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How to Take Back Your Lunch Break

Jan 12 2021

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so the saying goes, but this doesn’t diminish the value of a substantial lunch. When on the job, you may tend to miss this message in favor of a work mindset that compels us to eat at our workspace. That is, when you remember to eat at all.

According to a study, approximately one-third of employees are found to be fully engaged at work – enthusiastic and good with customers and clients, taking on tasks with a positive attitude. The remaining two-thirds of workers may find their shortcomings come from working through lunch break.

Sacrificing lunch for the sake of productivity doesn’t necessarily equate to success. In fact, breaking from work to refuel presents many opportunities to help boost you into that percentage of happy workers.

Skipping lunch can lead to poor food choices. Those who don’t bring lunch or use the time to go out usually make meals of vending machine fare. You may think sodium-rich chips and jerkies paired with candy bars and sodas curb your appetite in a pinch. However, filling up on these empty calories can let you down in the long run.

Take time to eat for improved health. To enjoy a healthy lunch break, leaving your workspace is the first step. Compromising with a “desk salad” in place of chips and soda isn’t necessarily a solution, either. Sitting in your cubicle, you may be more inclined to rush through lunch so you don’t miss an email or call. In doing so, you risk indigestion and gastrointestinal distress, which makes for an unpleasant workday.

Getting away helps you recharge. Lunch breaks are about more than eating well. You should use the time to also take back your mental health. Turn off your phone alerts, take a short walk, enjoy lunch in the fresh air of a park or courtyard, and come back with improved focus. You may discover an increased enthusiasm reflected in your work performance.

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