Ashley Parker

Ashley Has a New Life Thanks to Weight Loss Surgery

Feb 7 2023

For Ashley Parker (pictured above, right), weight loss surgery changed her life.

“I pursued surgical weight loss for a lot of reasons,” she explains. “My main reason was that I watched my dad go through a triple bypass open heart surgery. Not only was that a hard surgery for my dad, but as a child, having to watch him go through it was difficult and I knew I didn’t want my children to see me go through the same thing. I was determined to change the course I was currently on at the time.”

Ashley’s health has improved so much since having the surgery. She had sleep apnea before and never felt rested. Now she goes to bed at a decent time and is on time for work because she is never feeling too tired to do anything.

“I can go all day working and never hit that wall of tiredness,” she shares. “I was previously taking cholesterol medicine but since surgery, I have been able to stop taking it. My A1C was pre-diabetic before surgery and now I am within normal range. I was also taking two heartburn medications a day and I have been able to stop taking those as well.”

Ashley adds that she chose Bon Secours for her weight loss surgery because of the reviews, the care and the level of knowledge the surgeons have.

“Not only did Dr. Gonzalez treat me with great respect, but Ashley Colatriano, a physician assistant at Carolina Surgical Eastside, has been an amazing resource throughout my entire journey,” Ashley says. “I’m so glad I chose Bon Secours. Even the team at St. Francis hospital helped manage my recovery and made it so much easier. Not one person looked at me or made me feel less than because I was having the surgery or even needing the surgery.”

Ashley adds that her sister also received weight loss surgery. They decided to be each other’s support person during this process.

“There is not a day that I think I should have never done this,” Ashley says. “In fact, my sister and I both said we wish we had done this sooner. I have a life; I want to go and do things I never wanted to do before. I would have never been able to do these things if it wasn’t for Bon Secours.”

She continues, “I was addicted to food, and I still am, if I’m being honest. However, this weight loss surgery has given me the tools to eat better and not be so focused on living to eat but eating to live. The surgery has changed so much for me, and I am so thankful and blessed I was able to do it.”

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