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Lindsey’s Appreciation for Her Kind, Dedicated and Caring Team

Mar 29 2022

As part of our celebration of National Doctors’ Day coming up this week, Bon Secours is proud to recognize the talented, dedicated physicians who care for us. Our ministry also wants to express appreciation for advanced practice clinicians, who partner with physicians in a team-based approach to providing the best possible care to the people in our communities.

Lindsey Reprogle is a physician assistant (PA-C) at Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center who has been with our ministry since October of 2018.

“I decided to become a PA-C because I have always loved medicine,” she shares. “However, I wanted the ability to transition to and work in vastly different specialties throughout the years without much difficulty.”

Problem-solving as well as educating and explaining the disease processes to patients are a few of the aspects Lindsey finds more rewarding about her work.

“I am most proud of providing compassionate, high quality medical care to underserved populations,” she adds. “My favorite thing about being a PA is the feeling of satisfaction that comes from simultaneously helping both patients and my supervising physicians. I love being an integral component of the patient care team.”

As for her team members, she describes them as kind, dedicated and caring.

“National Doctors’ Day is an opportunity to recognize the fantastic physicians I work with on a daily basis and thank them for the endless knowledge and guidance they provide me,” Lindsey shares.

And if Lindsey wasn’t a PA-C, where would you find her?

“I would probably be running an antique jewelry business or an animal rescue out in the country,” she says.

Help us celebrate National Doctors’ Day by sharing a heartfelt message of appreciation for your Bon Secours provider! Please visit bonsecours.com/doctorsday before March 30 to submit your message of thanks.

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