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Elizabeth Thanks Her Admirable Team Member

Mar 18 2022

There is no doubt that Elizabeth Eddy (pictured above, left) and her colleague, Jalak Patel (pictured above, right), have an unbreakable bond. They regularly inspire and uplift each other not only professionally but also personally.

With March being Women’s History Month, Elizabeth wanted to take a moment to celebrate Jalak and the role she plays in her life. Read Elizabeth’s firsthand answers below.

What team member inspires you to be the best version of yourself? What does this person do well in their role?

Jalak Patel, my colleague and fellow outpatient registered dietitian at St. Francis Outpatient Nutrition Counseling, inspires me to grow both personally and professionally. She is gracious and compassionate in her interactions with others and maintains a positive outlook regardless of her circumstances. She strives to provide the best care possible to her patients regardless of their background or resources. She also encourages those around her by highlighting their God-given strengths.

How does Jalak encourage you to live out our mission and utilize talents in your role every day?

Jalak reminds me often to do the best I can with what I have, that it is OK to be imperfect while growing and to meet people where they are. She gently reminds me that my expectations for myself and others are often unrealistic. By offering me wisdom and grace, she humbles me to extend that grace to myself and others.

Can you share a specific moment when Jalak really inspired you?

After a challenging appointment when I expressed to Jalak my uncertainty about my performance and skill, she countered the critical voice I had toward myself with encouragement. She called out all the things I did well rather than where I could have done more.

What would you like to say directly to Jalak?

I am blessed to call you my coworker and friend. You are force of good and love in this world and inspire me to grow in grace every day!

What would you say to other women looking to make a difference and be an inspiration to others in our world?

God designed you specifically with talent, skill and passion that are unique to you. He knew the world needed exactly who He created you to be … step into that.

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