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Nurse Kahdijah Has Many Passions – Most of All Her Tiny Patients

May 9 2024

Kahdijah Ramey, MBA-HCM, BSN, Clin.II, RN, loves the patients and families she gets to meet as a nurse at The Birthplace at Mary Immaculate Hospital in our Hampton Roads market.

“The best thing about working in women’s health is I get to be a part of their experience in starting a new chapter in their life, whether it’s their first child or last,” Kahdijah says.

She embarked on a nursing career, having previously earned a master’s degree and entering the management side of health care. She’s been a nurse for two years and serves in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) at Mary Immaculate.

“Being a NICU nurse brings me a little closer with my families as I help care and nurture these beautiful babies to go home,” she says.

Kahdijah knew she wanted to be a nurse and work in the NICU from the time she was young.

“My aunt would watch Discovery Health with me all day and I would just live watching all the babies on the screen,” she recalls. “My parents always supported my dream.”

Kahdijah’s patients and coworkers are glad she had aspirations to be a nurse. She has been recognized with a DAISY Award, a recognition program to celebrate and recognize nurses by collecting nominations from patients, families and coworkers.

Kahdijah was appreciative of the honor.

“It really warms my heart that my hard work is paying off and means something,” she says. “Being a Bon Secours nurse has given me the skills to expand on my critical thinking skills and really grow into my independence with support as needed.”

She is also chair of the racial disparities workgroup at The Birthplace, one of many roles she has taken on.

“Kahdijah is a hard worker with a passion for reducing racial disparities in health care,” says Jamey Kagey, nursing professional development coordinator. “Kahdijah juggles her community involvement, family time, work responsibilities and somehow fits in committee involvement at Mary Immaculate, and I am convinced that this girl can move mountains. She can accomplish anything she sets her mind to, so don’t get in the way. God has big plans for this special woman.”

National Nurses Week is celebrated annually May 6 through 12, and Kahdijah called the week a reminder of why she pursued a career in nursing. For all the recognition and appreciation families and coworkers have for her, she expresses equal admiration for her fellow nurses during Nurses Week and year-round.

“Nurses are resilient,” she says. “We carry the responsibility of many on our shoulders and we do it with an expectant smile. We care. We are compassionate. We are problem-solvers. We are the support system of others. Nurses are the heart of health care.”

Outside of work, Kahdijah enjoys crocheting and crafting, and says the hobby is calming and keeps her both motivated and focused. Naturally, the nurse in her can’t help but to also think of her patients even when engaging in crochet.

“Like most of my little patients, crochet requires patience, time, love and care to watch something beautiful grow.”

Not only is National Nurses Month in May, but National Nurses Week is May 6 to May 12.

To all our nurses, we thank you for the excellent care you provide our patients every day! Read more of our nurses’ stories to celebrate.

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