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The Carney Family Gives Back to Our NICU Team

Aug 10 2022

Going into labor is stressful even when everything goes as planned.

So, just imagine what Alexandra Carney was feeling when the birth of her baby boy came earlier than expected.

“My husband and I were extremely nervous at first when Reese was born early,” she explains. “However, after interacting with the NICU team, we felt confident Reese was in good hands,”

Alexandra was counting on the team at Bon Secours St. Francis Eastside Hospital to provide the best care for her growing family.

When Alexandra went into labor, her medical team discovered she had a rare pregnancy condition, which led to her newborn, Reese, spending two weeks in the NICU. Alexandra says the staff’s reassurances helped her cope with the unexpected news.

“Dr. Patel and other physicians were very informative on Reese’s plan of care and what needed to be accomplished before he could be released home,” she shares.

Leaving their son in the NICU was not easy, but the NICU included the Carney family on every decision made and every vital measured.

“The NICU team was very professional and courteous, but our NICU nurse, Kelly, was by far the best,” Alexandra says. “She gave us great tips on how to care for Reese, which made us feel very prepared by the time Reese was released. Kelly truly made our time much easier knowing she was caring for him.”

Grateful for the care that they received at Bon Secours, Alexandra and her husband, Kevin, decided to give back.

“At first, when I was released from the hospital without Reese, my husband and I had a hard time adjusting to life at home without him,” Alexandra explains. “We soon realized how lucky we were that Reese was healthy and doing great in the NICU. We took comfort in knowing that soon we would be able to bring him home. We also realized that other families in the NICU might not be as lucky, so we wanted to give back to help both the NICU staff and the other parents whose children are still there.”

Alexandra and Kevin thanked our team at the St. Francis Eastside NICU by donating six MamaRoo swings with extra covers, preemie clothes and blankets.

“Having a baby in the NICU is so stressful on parents,” Sue Miller, MD, medical director of the neonatal care unit, explains. “This generous donation by the Carney family of these state-of-the-art swings will enhance our patient experience and help ease parent anxiety knowing we are doing all we can for their most precious new member of the family. One of the reasons Reese did so well in his NICU stay was that Alexandra and Kevin were by his side the entire time. Our unit focuses on care of the entire family which includes intensive education for the parents and lots of bonding with the baby.”

Now, the Carney family is doing great. Reese is 2 months old and growing quickly. The family could not imagine life without him.

“We are very grateful for everyone at the hospital,” Alexandra says. “We realize if I had not gone to the hospital when I did, my complications may not have been discovered. Reese and I may not even be here today.”

The Mack Pazdan Neonatal Care Unit at Bon Secours St. Francis Eastside Hospital is a Level II Unit with private rooms to provide family-centered care. There are neonatologists in the hospital 24 hours a day to provide the highest level of care to newborns.

Learn more about the neonatology services we offer at Bon Secours.

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