“A Day to Be Reminded and Moved”: Lisa’s Thoughts on MLK

Jan 18 2021

As we continue to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. today, Lisa Wright-Martin, our vice president of mission in Hampton Roads, VA, was kind enough to share what this holiday means to her and how she plans to safely celebrate this year during COVID-19.

Read her firsthand thoughts here.

Martin Luther King Jr. is especially meaningful to me. I grew up in Miami, FL, one block from the only post office bearing his name. I was also within walking distance of the community park and major thoroughfare named in his honor. This was also several years prior to the establishment of the commemorative Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance.

This holiday was no easy feat as the effort was initiated by grassroots organizations during a time of great social, cultural and political unrest – which I recall vividly. I see this day as one to remember the legacy of Dr. King and reflect on how his journey shaped our country. However, it is also a day to be reminded AND moved to continue his mission.

Historically, I’ve attended a local, annual symbolic march from city hall to an MLK monument. This was then followed by an ecumenical memorial service at The Historic First Baptist Church.

Given the pandemic, the march and the fellowship-gathering will be virtual this year. I plan to participate in both activities along with my family. It’s imperative that every generation knows and understands the truth of its own cultural history as well as the history of our country.

I’m inspired, reminded and further empowered to live life on purpose – not merely to make an impression on others but to have positive impact on the local and global community. My hope for all mankind is for everyone to reflect and act on their individual life’s purpose to serve humanity. We must all do our part to make the world a more peaceful place where there is liberty and justice for all.

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