Michael (Mike) Hill

How Mike’s Military Experience Helps Him Succeed Today

Nov 4 2021

With Veterans Day approaching, Michael (Mike) Hill, an imaging director at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, shares about his time in the military and how it has shaped his current role with our ministry.

“I served in military health care as a radiology technologist, sonographer and imaging director,” Mike says. “One of the most meaningful aspects of my time in the military was watching America’s finest men and women perform so brilliantly under trying circumstances, such as being deployed to Desert Shield/Desert Storm and numerous other deployments that take them away from home.”

For Mike, his time in the military taught him the importance of teamwork, dedication, communication and always being ready for a changing environment. Another lesson he brings to his current role from his time in the military is to mentor young leaders to help them expand their roles and grow.

“My past experience has helped me in my role at Bon Secours to prepare for and overcome constantly changing circumstances, rally staff during trying circumstances while building a better future and use the resources we have to accomplish the mission,” Mike shares.

Mike adds that his main responsibilities as an imaging director include “leading a group of more than 100 imaging technologists and supporting staff with high quality imaging care at multiple sites while always working to make a difference in the lives of each patient we touch.”

Mike feels the people he works with and the leadership team around him are the finest he has worked with in his 36-year career.

“I most enjoy seeing staff and our leaders grow and mature into the leaders of the future this ministry will need to thrive,” he says.

Mike thanks his colleagues for the support they show and how they look out for each other on a daily basis.

“I see a caring attitude in our organization no matter what the operational pace might be, and it is very inspiring,” Mike shares.

He is also proud that he has stayed involved and connected with other members of the military who also serve within our ministry.

“I am leading the local Stars and Stripes employee resource group, and we do ceremonies on Veterans Day and Memorial Day to honor our military and veterans,” Mike shares. “Although we are small, I would like to see this expand and am very grateful to my senior leadership team who support these efforts magnificently. Knowing the value Bon Secours places upon their military members is heartwarming and makes my organization truly feel like home after the traveling the world for more than 20 years!”

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