Seeing Double: A Couple Births Their Second Set of Twins

Jun 14 2019

Sunday, June 16 is Father’s Day, and Dandriquez Winfield will be spending it at Greenville’s St. Francis Eastside hospital. As it turns out, there’s nowhere else he’d rather spend the day, which will mark one week since the birth of Payton and Paige, his second set of twins.

That’s right. Dandriquez and his significant other, 25-year-old Teonna Wilson, just had twins for the second time. Payton and Paige Winfield were born the morning of June 9th, just one minute apart.

“Well, if I did it once, I figured I could do it again,” said Wilson who admitted they were a little surprised when they found out they were having twins… again.

Twins are apparently a tradition that run in the family. Winfield’s mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all have twin sisters. He broke the tradition but has now picked it back up by starting his own family. Their first daughters – Mackenleigh and Mackenzie are now two years old and will soon learn what it means to be big sisters.

“I’m surrounded by all these women!” laughed Winfield. “My car is the only testosterone left in my household.”

Winfield knows he’s in trouble and is already doling out fatherly advice to his newborns, telling them, “No flirting until you’re 40!”

As for him and Wilson, they met in 2011 while attending Greenville Technical College. They plan to wed in the not too distant future, but say for now, they’ve got their hands full.

The birth of Payton and Paige was an early Father’s Day gift for Dad, but the girls also came as a belated birthday gift for Mom. Wilson celebrated her 25th the day before delivering. The Piedmont couple says it’s definitely given them a lot to be thankful for, and they’re also appreciative of the care they’ve received during both births.

“It’s been great. The nurses and docs, alike, they’re awesome,” praises Winfield.

The nursing staff in keeping a close eye on the couple’s new babies in the NICU, where the girls are continuing to develop skills like regulating their own body temperature and eating without a feeding tube.

“They’re strong… definitely fighters,” said Crystal Walgenbach, the nurse assigned to taking care of the family during their stay.

While extremely thrilled with their growing family, both Wilson and Winfield agree they’re done having kids.

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