Linda McClenney

Linda Steps Up and Serves During COVID-19 Surge

Jul 15 2022

Linda McClenney, one of our lab director, has never let the COVID-19 pandemic stop her from providing care to patients.

In fact, Linda has stepped in to support accessible testing for patients during surges in COVID-19 numbers. With every opportunity, she is quick to offer help with a can-do attitude. Throughout her years at Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital, Linda has made a significant impact on delivery and innovation. Her colleagues applaud her for her commitment and for demonstrating characteristics of an effective leader every day.

“As a medical laboratory scientist, we have a keen sense of awareness about the impact our services have on the lives of our patients. Every sample is a life.” Linda says.

She continues, “during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the urgency of it all pushed us into a heightened sense of awareness and we were able to adapt our services to meet the demands. Our lab leadership team was pivotal in making that possible – it really did take a village.”

For example, during the 2021 holiday season, emergency departments across the area began to see another surge in COVID-19 cases. Within 24 hours, the team at Mary Immaculate Hospital collaborated on the idea to create a COVID-19 testing hut for the community. This allowed our patients to seek COVID-19 testing at this location instead of visiting emergency departments.

With this new service standing so quickly, this is where Linda McClenney stepped in without any hesitation to serve her community. Linda worked tirelessly to ensure that testing resources were provided for everyone, even if she had to spend her holiday weekends doing so. Her efforts included registering dozens of patients each day and balancing her administrative load.

“It was my team’s honor to support the Hampton Roads community during one of the most unexpected and unpredictable health care crises,” Linda shares.

With Linda’s drive to provide the best health care possible, she demonstrates our ministry’s mission in everything she does.

Linda constantly reflects on our ministry’s core values of human dignity, integrity, compassion, stewardship, service and Catholic identity. These core values help Linda empower colleagues through her positive attitude.

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