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Meet Beth: Hospital Volunteer Grateful for Her COVID-19 Vaccine

Apr 30 2021

When health care workers became eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, hospital volunteers were included in the phased approach to vaccinate everyone from frontline caregivers to many other roles within health care.

Beth Blair has been a volunteer at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital since 2016.

“I was grateful for the opportunity to get vaccinated,” she shares. “Both for my personal health and safety, and for the chance to return to volunteer work.”

And about returning as a volunteer, Beth says, “I was excited, but anxious, too! Once I actually returned, I got used to the new regime and I was so happy to be back into the routine of volunteering at St. Mary’s Hospital.”

Beth reveals that the folks in outpatient registration were delighted that she decided to return. Volunteers help make things more efficient and help patients by taking them directly where they need to be. This helps them avoid getting lost or confused. Volunteers also help patients relax a little by chatting about where they work or live.

“Health care workers are angels here on Earth,” says Beth. “When an employee randomly expresses their appreciation for seeing volunteers back in the hospital again, it’s a really warm feeling… like volunteers do make a difference. It feels great to have such a perfect place to give my time…”

Beth’s leaders in volunteer services, Christine and Debbie, always keep her team informed about relevant issues. They have also been wonderful advocates for all the volunteers, especially during the pandemic.

Learn more about our volunteer opportunities as well as our COVID-19 vaccine efforts.

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