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Sarah Lynn’s Family Medicine Background Leads Her to Bariatrics

May 17 2022

Sarah Lynn Carbullido, FNP-BC, was first drawn to medicine after witnessing her own father’s struggle with terminal illness. She practiced as a registered nurse for several years in the areas of renal care and medical surgical units.

However, Sarah Lynn found that she was often struggling to have enough time to dedicate to the education of her patients. So, in 2021, she sought her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and became board-certified as a family nurse practitioner.

“I chose to specialize in family medicine as it provides the opportunity to contribute to change on a greater scale through preventative and integrative medicine,” she shares. “I have practiced in many primary care settings where I continue to learn, not only about medicine but also about the type of provider I strive to be.”

As a nurse practitioner, Sarah Lynn shares that she takes time to comprehensively assess her patients and, together, they come up with an integrative care plan.

“Being a consistent resource to my patients in order to promote effective changes that support their well-being is the most rewarding part of my specialty,” she explains.

Sarah Lynn is now excited to bring her expertise to our ministry and has joined our team Bon Secours Surgical Specialists at Harbour View.

“While I have enjoyed my primary care training, am excited to be able to specialize in one area,” she says. “I’m hoping to become an expert in the field of bariatric medicine.”

When asked why she chose to join our Bon Secours team, Sarah Lynn explains, “my personal values and my reason for becoming a provider align with Bon Secours’ mission of extending the compassionate ministry of Jesus. Having the opportunity to provide care to underprivileged populations has reinforced my belief that we are all deserving of quality and compassionate care despite our individualized circumstances. It’s important to consider cost when treating patients because of many factors, including health disparities that exist at various levels.”

For Sarah Lynn, being able to find the best course of treatment for each individual patient is her utmost priority.

“The relationship between a provider and patient is very much a collaborative one,” she explains. “It is multi-factorial and should be built upon full transparency. I will utilize my knowledge and care to establish a systematic and comprehensive path to develop lifelong habits that aid in overall wellness.”

It is with this attitude that Sarah Lynn partners with her patients to set them up for long-term success.

And when Sarah Lynn is not helping patients, she enjoys spending time with family, volunteering, attending church, traveling and participating in outdoor activities.

Learn more about the bariatrics weight loss services we offer at Bon Secours.

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