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10 Tips on Keeping Runners Safe and Healthy

Apr 28 2021

After a long cold winter, many of us are itching to get back outside to enjoy the warmer weather. This is especially true for those that are training or participating in any upcoming local racing events.

Before you hit the running trails, check out these 10 tips for recommendations on keeping runners safe and healthy. They were provided by some of the physical therapists at Bon Secours Physical Therapy at Westchester.

  1. Keep your hamstrings strong and active.
  2. Also, avoid overstretching your hamstrings. You want to have the ability to stand and bend over and slightly touch toes. If your palms are on the floor, you are stretching too much.
  3. Occasionally, take time to walk slowly up the stairs backwards to keep your glutes symmetrical.
  4. Make sure to always properly stretch your Achilles tendon, your toes and your low back.
  5. Concentrate on striding out with your right leg and left arm when running.
  6. Try to find and feel your right arch when running to assist with shifting to the left.
  7. Find exercises to stretch your entire back, your latissimus, or middle/lower back area, as well as your pectoral musculature, or your upper chest muscles.
  8. While standing throughout your day, shift your body weight over your left leg regularly. Keep your weight shifting through your heel.
  9. Keep your left lower abdominals “alive” by performing side lying activity on your left side.
  10. Always be sure to wear correct footwear while running. Your shoes should support your heels and have good arch support, which means you can feel your arches. During running season, try to avoid wearing flip flops, sandals and shoes that are untied.

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