"The Brain Lane" team members

“The Brain Lane” Launched to Better Treat Stroke Patients

Oct 29 2021

Earlier this year, Bon Secours – Southside Medical Center celebrated the opening of a new rapid triage center developed to treat stroke patients. The center, named “The Brain Lane,” was developed by hospital team members to directly address the urgent need for treating incoming stroke patients quickly.

“It’s a dedicated, focused area in Southside Medical Center where nurses and clinicians have everything they need to rapidly assess stroke patients. This ensures patients get the care they need as fast as possible,” Laurie Mayer, stroke program coordinator, shares. She is also one of the original innovators of this idea.

Stroke patients are brought into the hospital by EMS and then taken directly to The Brain Lane for rapid triage. From there, the patients are stabilized and brought to a treatment room or the CT unit for continued stroke care.

Local EMS has reported that the development of The Brain Lane has made for a more organized system, rather than trying to find an assigned room. This is critical because when a stroke patient arrives at the hospital and starts the process of getting into a room, up to 10 minutes of time can be lost.

Fast, efficient stroke care is critical, and every minute counts. The faster the treatment is, the less brain damage a stroke can cause to a patient. Specific equipment found at The Brain Lane includes a weighted bed, IV supplies, stroke algorithm, transfer center phone number and timer.

“We are so excited to have opened The Brain Lane and have already seen an improvement in timing for stroke care as a result,” Laurie says. “We’re proud to provide the Richmond community with the highest quality stroke care.”

Learn more about the stroke care services we offer at Bon Secours.

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