Scott Boileau, Ryan Cann and Tom Nicholson

Congratulations to This Year’s Stall Award Winners

Aug 4 2021

While our team members work very hard to deliver excellent health care, they also realize the importance of going beyond that to provide compassionate care. Compassionate care focuses not only on physical ailments, but also on addressing the spiritual and mental wellbeing of patients as well as the communities we serve.

It’s this kind of care that led to the creation of the Edward H. Stall Compassionate Care Award. During his life, Edward was a big supporter of our ministry by serving on the board of directors and becoming a key fundraiser for several of our most impactful projects. Unfortunately, he went on to lose his battle with cancer.

Still, the care he received during that time was so impactful that his friends and family decided to also embrace the Bon Secours mission by rewarding these acts of kindness that can truly change the lives of patients.

This year is the 26th year of this award be presented. It recognizes a Bon Secours St. Francis team member who is “good help to those in need” and goes the extra mile providing that “St. Francis touch.”

This year, there were so many deserving candidates that we couldn’t pick just one! Instead, there are three deserving team members who received this prestigious recognition.

Scott Boileau, Clinical Research Compliance Coordinator at Upstate Cardiology

One of Scott’s (pictured above, left) peers nominated him saying, “Scott goes above and beyond for his patients and everyone else’s. He takes as much time as they need, answering questions and helping them solve problems. You can see the relief on their faces and hear it in their voices that they feel cared for. You can also see the joy in Scott’s face that he was able to help them.”

Ryan Cann, Pharmacist at the St. Francis Cancer Center’s Retail Pharmacy

Ryan (pictured above, right) was nominated by a co-worker as well as a pharmacy patient. Both raved about his stellar customer service

One wrote in saying, “Ryan has selflessly and without complaint worked seven days a week for the last year during COVID-19 in order to provide pharmacy services which included curbside pickup. He has personally hand-carried some of those orders out to meet customers and always has a smile on his face – even on the busiest days or during bad weather when he had to brave the elements.”

Tom Nicholson, Pharmacist at the St. Francis Eastside Pharmacy 

Tom (pictured above, center) has worked for Bon Secours for 35 years and is known by many for his kindness and professionalism. However, it was his work leading the COVID-19 vaccination efforts that inspired several of his co-workers to nominate him for this award.

One wrote, “Tom has taken full responsibility for the vaccine since its arrival in December, accepting deliveries, keeping records and even transporting them to and from the vaccination clinic. It’s been a very time-consuming task for him – and one that we appreciate him taking on to prevent from adding to others’ daily responsibilities. However, he does this with a sunny disposition and clearly demonstrates how much he cares for his fellow employees across Greenville.”

All three winners received a check for $1,000 as a show of gratitude for their efforts to go above and beyond for their patients.

Learn about our mission as well as our community commitment that drive the work we do at Bon Secours every day.

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