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Our Ongoing Commitment to Empowering Female Leaders

Aug 26 2022

We believe we are called to be a ministry where all belong.

Sandra Mackey, our chief marketing officer, (pictured above, left) applauds our ministry’s authentic approach to diversity, equity and inclusion, and sees it from the very top down.

“After the death of George Floyd in 2020, CEO John Starcher was among the first to speak out. He fostered an environment of open discussion and set the tone,” Sandra shares. “This commitment is rooted in our ministry’s values – especially those of human dignity and compassion. We commit to uphold the sacredness of life and to be respectful and inclusive of everyone.”

In July, our ministry was recognized as one of 2022’s Top Companies for Multicultural Women by Seramount, a strategic professional services and research firm dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, for our commitment to advancing the careers of Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) and multicultural women in our workplace.

“As a woman of color, I take great pride in working for a ministry that is dedicated to diversity and inclusion,” Sandra adds. She also personally serves as a mentor to others within our ministry.

Our commitment shows up in how we support our team members. Sandra encourages participation in Connected Leaders: Management Accelerator Program, a 24-week leadership development cohort offered by our ministry. This program expanded to include Asian American and Hispanic leaders and in 2021, more than 50 Black executives and managers participated. Additionally, Sandra also personally serves as a mentor to others within our ministry.

As we continue to improve leadership as well as career pathways to ensure our employees are developing, we also allocate funds for sourcing women- and minority-owned businesses to achieve goals set for our supplier diversity programs.

“Our commitment to inclusion strengthens our organization by helping us better connect to our patients, communities, partners and ourselves, so we can fulfill our Mission,” Odesa Stapleton, our chief diversity and inclusion officer, states.

In June, we were also recognized by Seramount in the top 10 of 2022’s Top Companies for Executive Women for our commitment to empowering women to advance in their leadership careers.

Staci Lucius, our ministry’s president of medical group and physician services, (pictured above, right) envisioned a life in health care from the age of 14 when she volunteered at her local hospital. She saw people at some of their most vulnerable times, and she sought to use her skills to support those providing care.

Staci eventually met her goal and earned her master’s in health care administration. She started in her position with our ministry in 2017. She also states that the idea of being a woman in a role that may traditionally be held by men is not lost on her.

“I’ve focused my career on building my skills and merit,” Staci shares. “I’ve let my work speak for itself. And it’s been recognized. I believe we owe it to ourselves, our health system and our patients to help mine and develop the talent of other women into roles of leadership.”

Female leaders like Staci represent more than 51 percent of our top leaders and are responsible for leading and establishing key components our health system’s strategy. Staci also proudly serves as a mentor to a young female professional – another way our ministry supports the development of tomorrow’s executive women.

Through mentoring, Staci believes she’s learning as much from her mentee as she hopes her mentee is learning from her.

“It’s been very rewarding and has helped me build a relationship with someone I wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise,” Staci says. “I have the opportunity to help guide and develop her knowledge and experiences and be a source of feedback. This helps prepare her for the next stage of her career.”

We’re honored to be recognized for our commitment to empowering women as well as creating the best place for working women – and every team member – to continue to grow professionally and personally.

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