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Learn How Our Food Rx Program Can Help You Manage Your Diabetes

Sep 17 2020

Are you having trouble managing your diabetes? Consider registering for Food Rx, our 12-week virtual program to help get you on track.

We created the Food Prescription (Food Rx) Program to increase the accessibility as well as affordability of fresh foods and assist with diabetes management. The goal of this program is to help community members living with diabetes achieve better health outcomes. We do this by offering education about diabetes management, providing access to healthy foods and performing cooking demonstrations.

How does the Food Rx Program work?  

Once you register for the Food Rx Program, you will have access to free, fresh produce supplied weekly by our partner, Shalom Farms. You’ll also participate in weekly classes where we offer cooking demonstrations, guest speakers and share nutrition education to help you manage your diabetes at home.

Who can participate?

People with diabetes who need help managing their diabetes would benefit from this program. Specifically, those with an A1C between 7.5 and 11.0.

How do I get started?

Patients with diabetes that are interested in enrolling in the program should call 804-487-3050 to register. Enrollment will remain open through Monday, September 21.

Learn more about the nutrition services we offer at Bon Secours.

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