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The Health Benefits of Stair Climbing

Jan 25 2021

If working remotely allowed you the freedom to exercise more, you will want to maintain this momentum going forward. Are you starting to head back into your office building a couple days a week or full time? If so, frequent stair-climbing is one way to keep your circulation flowing.

This adjustment can help make you physically healthier as well as make a difference in your overall well-being. For every opportunity you take the stairs instead of the elevator, you work to improve your cardiovascular health and other aspects like weight loss and management.

The benefits of stair climbing include:

  • It’s versatile: One may enjoy this exercise anywhere there’s a flight of stairs. Interior stairwells at the office, stone steps in public spots, and exercise machines that simulate steps provide opportunities for short workouts during daily breaks.
  • It’s a low-impact exercise: When done properly, stair climbing is a good exercise that doesn’t put too much stress on the body. This activity works to strengthen leg muscles and even helps improve bone health and keep the lower joints lubricated for those who deal with arthritis and similar conditions.
  • It’s an active workout: Fifteen minutes of stair climbing can equate to thirty minutes of walking in terms of benefits. If work leaves you pressed for time you can get more out of moving up a few flights of stairs than you would walking around the block.

When you do take on the stairs as part of your exercise routine, wear comfortable shoes with a good sole to absorb shock. Take a few minutes beforehand to stretch your muscles, and hydrate when you are done. During periods of social distancing, also be sure to look for spots with light to no foot traffic.

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