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The Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Apr 15 2021

Many people are familiar with the ritual of spring cleaning. The goal is to tidy and freshen up your living space as the new season rolls in.

The act of cleaning can also have positive effects on your mental and physical well-being. Take a look at some of the health benefits of spring cleaning.

It keeps you physically active

Carrying boxes of old books. Scrubbing the walls. Pushing furniture around. Cleaning can be a real workout. The physical benefits include a healthy heart and body due to this consistent, low-intensity activity.

If you want to burn even more calories as you clean, consider playing your favorite songs while you sweep and wipe down surfaces. This might tempt you to move around more as you clean.

It helps regulate your sleep schedule

Spring cleaning not only keeps you physically active, but it helps you sleep, too. In fact, washing or replacing your sheets can improve sleep comfort. Additionally, people who make their beds every morning experience more consistent sleep at night.

On the flipside, dirty bedsheets and pillowcases can be a health hazard. They can trigger allergies and worsen acne. If you have a pet that jumps on the bed or if you or your partner have been sick lately, washing your sheets can prevent infections.

It reduces the chance of injury

An overly cluttered home increases the risk of injury for you, your kids or an elderly family member. To help prevent falls, or even just stubbed toes, clear high traffic areas and walkways. Also, dust and clean staircases, remove clutter from hallways, and secure rugs, cords and loose floorboards.

It protects the immune system

Seasonal allergies aren’t the only thing causing that sniffle. Mold, dust and pet dander usually build up over the colder months when there’s less chance for air circulation. However, a deep dive into spring cleaning helps to air out your home, preventing respiratory issues.

Help support your immune system by:

  • Dusting furniture, windowsills and other hard-to-reach places
  • Vacuuming rugs, curtains and floors
  • Washing bedding, blankets and pillowcases

Other areas to focus on include kitchens and bathrooms. To reduce germs, wipe down countertops and disinfect faucets. Avoid the overuse of sponges and dishcloths as they can hold lots of bacteria.

It improves focus and mood

Looking to get out of your winter funk? A little bit of spring cleaning helps clear mental space and promotes positivity. It’s a great way to relieve stress by increasing the likelihood of a positive attitude and forward-thinking mindset.

It deters bugs and rodents

Bugs and rodents love messy homes. A spring cleaning can help you avoid the spread of bacteria and disease caused by unwanted pests.

Constantly sanitize around pet food bowls, garbage cans and the fridge as these areas are the most likely to experience food and liquid spills. Also aim to store food in air-tight containers and remove your trash regularly.

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