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How to Get Back into a Healthy Routine After the Holidays

Jan 3 2022

Let’s face it. Most of us aren’t very healthy during the holidays. You’re tired from a long year and sitting around sounds a lot more appealing than hitting the gym or going for a walk or jog.

And then there’s the food. Sweet treats are everywhere, plus junk food and big fancy meals. It’s all just so hard to pass up.

But eventually, the holiday season comes to an end. Getting back into your healthy routine after the holidays can be hard. However, with a little extra effort, you can easily get back on track.

First, start drinking lots of water ASAP. 

After a few weeks of salty and sugary food as well as beverages, you’re probably feeling a bit bloated and dehydrated. The best thing you can do right now is drink water. It’ll help you get rid of the bloating and weight gain that comes with it. It’ll also help your liver and kidneys work more efficiently to get rid of the toxins in your body. Plus, staying hydrated is so important for good health, so drinking water is never a bad thing.

Second, be sure to rest up. 

Consider taking a day or two between the holiday hoopla and going back to work or your regular routine to rest up. Catch up on sleep. Get back into the habit of a regular bedtime and wake up time. Make a meal plan. Do your laundry. Set new goals. Stay home and re-energize yourself for the days ahead.

Third, make a trip to the grocery store.

It can be tempting to eat junk food leftovers or takeout as you attempt to get back into the habit of your routine. But that’s just not healthy. Make a grocery store trip your top priority so you have no excuses. Stock up on lean proteins, fruit, vegetables and healthy grains and fats. Having them on hand to cook and grab as a snack is half the battle.

Fourth, cut your sugar intake for a while. 

You spent weeks indulging in cookies, candies, pastries, cakes and other sweet treats. Now it’s time to go cold turkey and cut them out of your diet.

You don’t have to do it forever, but sugar is addictive. You’ll crave it for the first few days. But after a while, your body will get used to not having it and you won’t crave it as much. When you finally do eat it again, it won’t be as tasty.

So, stop eating sugar for at least a couple of weeks. It will make it easier to eat healthy.

Fifth, keep fresh veggies or a big salad in the fridge. 

When you do your grocery shopping, make sure you buy fresh veggies. Cut up some carrot and celery sticks. Make a big salad. Keep it in the fridge and eat some daily. Vegetables are good for your digestive system. And they may even help you detoxify naturally.

Sixth, go for a walk. 

Getting back into an exercise routine can be hard. If you find yourself having trouble, just start with daily walks. Once you make it a habit, you can add more time to your walks or add different workouts to your day.

And finally, create a new goal. 

Finally, if you’re having trouble getting into your routine, give yourself something to look forward to. A new goal is always helpful.

Maybe you want to look good for your summer vacation. Maybe you have a new spring dress you don’t quite fit into. Maybe you want to show improvement the next time your doctor does blood work. Or, you might want to run a 5K this year. Whatever it is, use it to get into a healthy routine.

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