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How to Find Your Health Care Provider for Childbirth

May 15 2024

Pregnancy is a transformative and exciting journey, and selecting the right health care provider as well as health care facility is crucial for a positive experience. This decision involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure you are getting the care and support you need throughout your entire pregnancy journey as well as afterwards.

“Getting good maternity care is important because it allows the patient to build a relationship with the provider and establish trust,” Dana Taylor, a certified nurse-midwife and women’s health nurse practitioner at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital, explains. “It’s also a great opportunity to provide education and to prevent, detect and treat any problems that may arise as soon as possible.”

Here are some key criteria pregnant individuals should consider when making this important decision.

First, what type of provider do you want?

Consider the type of health care provider that aligns with your childbirth preferences and needs. Options include obstetricians, midwives and family physicians. Each has a unique approach to pregnancy care, so choose a provider whose philosophy and style match your expectations.

Next, consider your provider’s credentials and experience.

Be sure to research the credentials and experience of potential providers. Look for board-certified professionals with a specialization in obstetrics. Also, consider the provider’s experience with high-risk pregnancies, if applicable, and their track record in delivering healthy babies.

Third, take into account your communication and comfort level.

Effective communication and a sense of comfort with your provider are essential for a positive pregnancy experience. Choose someone who listens attentively, answers your questions patiently and respects your preferences. When it comes to childbirth, a supportive and trusting relationship with your health care provider is vital.

For your facility, take into account accessibility.

Consider the location of the facility, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. Factor in travel time, parking facilities and the proximity of the health care facility to your home to ensure convenient access to care. You might even want to do test runs to the facility before labor begins, or figure out different routes to get there so you have options.

Make sure your provider has a collaborative care approach.

Look for a provider as well as birthing facility that embrace a collaborative care approach, which means involving specialists as needed. This ensures a comprehensive and integrated approach to address any potential complications that may arise during pregnancy as well as childbirth.

And lastly, consider cultural sensitivity and diversity.

Pregnancy care should be culturally sensitive and inclusive. Choose a provider and facility that respects and understands your cultural background, values and preferences, fostering an environment where you feel heard and respected.

By carefully considering these criteria, expectant parents can make informed choices that align with their unique needs, ensuring a positive and supportive experience throughout the journey to parenthood.

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