Cadence Spicer

Three Nurses Gather to Support One of Their Own

Aug 24 2021

“Everyone at Bon Secours truly does show empathetic care, but my most recent experience has left me with much comfort,” Cadence Spicer (pictured above), says.

Cadence is a devoted teacher at the Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center daycare. Her brother has been in the same hospital since the beginning of July. He has been receiving care for consistent health problems.

“Recently, things came to a stop when my brother was showing signs of internal bleeding,” Cadence shares. “He is very high-risk, leaving my family and me to make the difficult decision to put him under for an endoscopy. The procedure ended up being a much longer process due to complications before the surgery even began.”

While Cadence was awaiting her brother’s results, a group of nurses (Lauren Smith, Johnetta Statler and Shannon Copley) came by to fill her in on why the procedure was taking a little longer than normal.

“They brought me blankets, food and let me check in on my brother,” Cadence shares. “They took care of not only my brother, but me as well. Lauren, Johnetta and Shannon made sure my brother was comfortable, safe and had an advocate.”

As a caregiver to children, Cadence is very fulfilled. However, a situation like she is facing with her brother is a difficult one for any person to handle.

“Shannon really went above and beyond to provide me comfort,” Cadence says. “She sat with me after the surgery, listened to my story and let me cry. My brother doesn’t have a lot of options left. A lot of times when talking with people, they want to provide an immediate fix or answer. There is no easy answer. Shannon made me feel both heard and understood.”

Cadence also adds, “We talk a lot about the importance of empathy as a ministry. When I was on the side of receiving such wonderful empathy, it made such a lasting impact on me. I truly feel the things life throws at us, both good and bad, takes a village of support.”

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