Monica Belamarich

Monica Celebrates Eight Years with Our Ministry

Sep 15 2021

Monica Belamarich contributes greatly to the overall experience of patients as a surgery scheduler at Bon Secours Surgical Specialists. She also has a positive impact on the daily work of her fellow team members. Monica appreciates that these contributions are recognized, especially during Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is the celebration of the contributions that Hispanic people have given to society, especially here in America,” she shares.

Monica joined the Bon Secours team in 2013 after making the decision to return to work after her husband suffered a debilitating stroke.

“I grew up in Ecuador and came to the states at a very young age… 22,” Monica says. “When I first came to the states I was in New York. In 2005, I relocated to Virginia. I am not able to visit family back in Ecuador that often, but I do have a sister who comes to visit me.”

In 2019, Monica was certified by our ministry as a medical interpreter. After becoming certified, her manager sent her to the OBGYN office at Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center to act as an interpreter for young Spanish women.

“Working with women who were pregnant was a great experience and I was happy to help them,” she says. “My job as an interpreter helped me grow as a person and I found myself really enjoying it. The managers and doctors at Bon Secours were happy that someone with my skill was there to interpret for them.”

Monica loves her family and has three children. Her oldest son lives in New York, her other son is a Virginia Tech graduate and her youngest, a daughter, is currently attending the Virginia Military Institute.

“Family is very important to me and to all people of Hispanic heritage,” Monica explains. “Family and our religious belief; it is our tradition. I like to keep my kids close to me.”

As a surgery scheduler, Monica tracks all her patients, making sure everything is set for them before operation begins.

“Even though my job title is surgery scheduler, I still interpret for doctors quite often when needed.”

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