Dr. Jennifer Vogel

Dr. Vogel Joins Our Radiation Oncology Team

Apr 12 2021

Our team is very excited to welcome Jennifer Vogel, MD, to Bon Secours!

Dr. Vogel’s desire for a diverse career path and love for technology as well as science is what initially drew her to medicine.

“You get to be involved in an important part of your patient’s life,” she shares. “You get to educate and advocate for them, and you get to collaborate with other providers.”

Radiation oncology is Dr. Vogel’s chosen area of specialty because “it captures all of the things I wanted to do more so than any other specialty.”

As a radiation oncologist, she gets to spend a lot of time getting to know her patients and their families. Dr. Vogel develops a treatment plan that is right for each patient. She also sees them through diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

“Not many people know about radiation oncology, you kind of have to go looking for it,” she shares. “It’s heavy on physiology and math, biology and is a very technical field. Also, being a woman in this field has been exciting as it’s predominantly males who practice radiation oncology.”

There is no doubt going through cancer treatment is difficult for patients. Dr. Vogel has found for some of her patients, especially breast cancer ones, that having a female provider makes some conversations easier and more comfortable for them.

In a previous role, Dr. Vogel worked with one of our Bon Secours radiation oncologists. This is what ultimately drove her to join the team.

“Dr. Albert Attia and I had a great relationship. Working with him again was an opportunity I want to pursue.”

Dr. Vogel shares that she couldn’t be happier to have joined a team that is so passionate about delivering excellent cancer care to the patients they serve. She was also very excited to join Bon Secours because of the state-of-the-art equipment she now has the opportunity to use.

“Varian TreuBeam and Varian Edge aren’t available at very many centers,” she shares. “I’m very lucky to be able to use this equipment to care for my patients.”

Outside of practicing medicine, Dr. Vogel is very active. She enjoys hiking, cycling and running. She also enjoys the time she gets to spend with her immediate and extended family as many of them live nearby.

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