Helene Before and After Her Surgery

Helene’s Story: “This Surgery Truly Gave Me My Life Back”

Nov 12 2019

Helene felt as though her life was slipping away. Not only was she unhappy with how she looked and felt, she could no longer garden, which she loved, or do any other activities that she enjoyed.

Helene’s declining health, along with various medical conditions such as sleep apnea, trouble breathing and worsening back pain, led to a serious conversation with her primary care physician. She took the advice of her physician and attended one of the free St. Francis Surgical Weight loss seminars. After the seminar, Helene realized that she would need to change her whole way of thinking to be successful with this surgical tool. Helene was ready to improve her quality of life.

In order to achieve success with the surgery, Helene worked hard by changing her diet and exercise routines. Since her surgery, Helene has seen a resolution in her sleep apnea, an improvement in her breathing and a huge decrease in back pain. She enjoys exercising on a daily basis and getting back to activities that she hasn’t been able to do in years.  “[This surgery] truly gave me my life back.”

“The St. Francis Surgical Weight Loss Team is the heartbeat of the program,” says Helene.  “The team is always only one call away. You don’t have to go through this process alone; you have a whole community behind you at Bon Secours St. Francis.”

Helene says she would recommend this surgery to anyone trying to improve their life and well-being. “This has been the most emotional and physical challenge of my life, while also being the biggest blessing.  I would do it all again!”

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