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Providing Care is a Calling for Nurse Navigator Katherine

Mar 24 2022

Our team at Bon Secours Rappahannock General Hospital (RGH) recently welcomed Katherine “Crit” Crittenden as the nurse navigator in the imaging department. She has been with our ministry for the past six years of her career and we are happy to welcome her in this new position!

Katherine has more than 37 years of nursing experience. She is board-certified in emergency nursing, where she has devoted most of her career. She also holds extensive knowledge in the fields of radiology, burn unit, pediatrics and nurse education. When she began her career at RGH as a nursing assistant, she was working weekends to put herself through nursing school.

“I started my career here at RGH and hope to retire from here down the road,” Katherine shares. “I’m so pleased to be providing care to many familiar faces. It’s nice to be home again.”

Katherine was the clinical coordinator in the emergency department at RGH for several years. This was a newly created position and the emergency department team was “very close to one another,” which made the position fun. In fact, the team was acknowledged by our ministry for outstanding patient satisfaction scores.

“Motivation is easy to maintain when providing care is a calling,” Katherine shares when asked about her nursing career. “The internal force and drive that I have as a nurse is an amazing feeling. Many health care providers will know exactly what I’m talking about. There are so many options and roles to choose from in the health care setting that are both challenging and motivating. Being a part of the RGH imaging team is a thrill. What a great team of professionals who know how to bring joy, cheer and fun to each other and the patients we serve.”

Katherine also serves as a role model to many nurses and staff members that are new to the profession. She provides the following advice to those interested in a nursing career: “My advice is to connect with your preceptor and always have a mentor. Health care is continuously evolving and changing. Stay current, keep studying and always put safety first. I have told many students ‘if it doesn’t feel right, stop.’ Listen to that angel that sits on our shoulders and hands; they are there for a reason!”

Katherine is an example of what our ministry stands for, as she has devoted so much of her life to providing care to those in need. We are so proud of everything she has done throughout her career and can’t wait to see what else she accomplishes in her new role.

At Bon Secours, nurses mean the world! Learn how you can join our nursing team today.

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