Britt Horne BSN, RN, SCRN

Meet Nurse Britt: Always Learning Something New

Jul 19 2021

Britt Horne BSN, RN, SCRN, a neuroendovascular (NES) nurse at Bon Secours St. Francis Downtown, chose to specialize in stroke patients because she enjoys learning something new every day.

“NES has been the most interesting and challenging patient population to me since I have worked as a nurse,” she shares. “NES patient diagnosis is fascinating because my critical thinking is challenged every day.”

Sharon Webb, MD, specializes in the neurosurgery unit. Britt works with Dr. Webb and helps take care of patients during their medical care.

“Dr. Webb recalls one of her patients who needed surgery to alleviate chronic pain that had been with her for nearly a decade. I saw the relief on her face when she realized her pain was gone after surgery,” Britt says. “That was incredible to be part of her journey.”

Britt finds her job so fulfilling because of the relief and comfort she can provide her patients as well as their families.

“Seeing patients recover to nearly baseline function after experiencing a stroke is by far the most rewarding part of my job. I participate in early mobility and continuity of care which is crucial to patient recovery in stroke care. I often educate the patient and their family about the disease process, what to expect and the plan of care.”

Britt followed her passion and adds, “I absolutely adore working with these patients, and it is my pleasure to be a part of their care.”

We’re grateful for all our talented and dedicated nurses like Britt at Bon Secours, where nurses mean the world.

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