Breast Cancer in Men: Ron’s Story

Oct 29 2019

About 160 patients are seen each day at the Pearlie Harris Center for Breast Cancer. Ron Shockley’s initial visits to the center were to work on electrical installation and maintenance as a contractor. However, this changed in February 2018.

“Because I’m a male, I never dreamed that I would end up with breast cancer,” Ron says.

It’s a myth that breast cancer is only a female disease. Less than 1 percent of all breast cancers are found in men, but it still occurs. Ron found a lump and decided to not visit the doctor for almost a year.

“It went from being the size of a pimple to being the size of my thumb,” says Ron.

Sadly, Ron’s story is usually the case when it comes to men with breast cancer.

“Men tend to say ‘Oh it’s nothing. It’s going to go away,’ and then it’s been there for months or a year until they may finally come in and get it looked at,” says Becky Steele, Breast Health Navigator Program Manager at Bon Secours.

For Ron, he has seen positive results. During his treatment, the staff at the Pearlie Harris Center supported him during his appointments.

“He actually did all the electrical work, he hooked up all this equipment up,” reveals Becky. “He did all the lighting, he did the light bulbs, he actually helped build what saved his life.”

Now in remission, Ron wants to make sure that other men get any suspicious lumps checked out.

“Don’t be hard headed, like I was, and wait a year,” Ron says.

Male or female, if you notice lumps or anything usual with your breasts, set up an appointment with a physician right away. Just like women, men can also perform breast self-exams once a month.

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