Macarons by Cathy: A Passion that Gives Back

May 3 2023

Cathy Frick, quality director at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital, has a “side gig” that connects her to her colleagues as well as the community.

As a registered nurse who has been with St. Mary’s Hospital for 14 years, Cathy has always had a passion for helping others. When dovetailed with a self-imposed challenge to perfect macaron making, she has created an outlet that brings others joy and helps her manage her own stress.

“I have always had some kind of ‘side gig.’ It helps me with stress management and gives me an opportunity to give back,” Cathy shares. “Having the immediate gratification of baking something is awesome as sometimes at work we don’t always see the endpoint.”

Like how she knew she wanted to be a nurse from a young age, Cathy has also always had a love for baking. A few years ago, she took classes on macaron making because she was told they were difficult to make. And now, she loves a challenge.

Cathy started making them in her home kitchen in January of 2021. After about seven months to perfect her technique for these finicky treats, she started Macarons by Cathy.

“Making them has brought me a lot of joy, as has sharing them with my colleagues and friends as gifts,” Cathy says “Once I posted my macarons on social media, I got requests for them. Now, I offer monthly assortments and average 30 to 50 dozen being ordered a month!”

It’s her way of giving back and it also makes her feel more connected to our ministry’s Mission.

“Our mission to extend compassionate help drives me in my quality role to ensure that information is available to improve outcomes to benefit our patients and community,” Cathy adds. “Making macarons and sharing them at work is my way of giving back to my colleagues. Everyone has a talent and giving back is the greatest gift.”

Not only is National Nurses Month in May, but National Nurses Week is May 6 to May 12.

To all our nurses, we thank you for the excellent care you provide our patients every day! Read more of our nurses’ stories to celebrate.

Also, if you’re a nurse or a health care professional, we invite you to explore and pursue a career with us.

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