Bill Pollard and Jesse DeBraux

Jesse and Bill Receive Important Care Thanks to Donors

Dec 1 2020

Today is Giving Tuesday! This mission of this holiday is simple, for everyone to give back to others. The Bon Secours Foundation and its donors do this year-round in our communities, and we are so grateful for their work.

Meet two patients who have benefited from the generosity of Bon Secours Foundation donors this year.

Jesse recovers successfully from COVID-19

Jesse DeBraux (above right) was one of the first patients with COVID-19 to recover and be discharged from a Bon Secours hospital. He spent two weeks in the hospital. His condition was so serious that he was on a ventilator for eight days in the intensive care unit.

Donations meant our hospitals had all the supplies, equipment and resources needed to care for COVID-19 patients like Jesse right away.

“They saved my life,” Jesse says.

Bill’s heart screening saves his life

Bon Secours Foundation donations also help people like Bill get the life-saving health care they need close to home.

After turning 50, Bill Pollard (above left) believed he was in the best shape of his life. But with a history of heart disease in his family, he decided to go for a heart scan to rule out any issues. A few days later, he got results he wasn’t expecting.

“The nurse called and told me to get in touch with my doctor right away because my calcium score was high,” Bill shares.

Bill’s doctor at Bon Secours suggested a heart catheterization procedure, which showed he had an 80% blocked artery. As a result, Bill had three stents put in. He credits donations to the Bon Secours Foundation for providing the heart screening that saved his life.

Learn more about Giving Tuesday at the Bon Secours Foundation’s website.

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