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“I Was Investing that Money in Me”: Laura’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery Story

Nov 30 2019

Laura remembers getting a big wakeup call when she turned 30 years old. As a young woman and mom, she had been through the whole routine of diet after diet. In college she was able to lose over 100 pounds, but over the years that weight, plus more, crept back on.

“I knew I could diet, but I was tired of the weight regain,” she says. Laura finally realized that she was ready to win the battle over her weight once and for all.

As she was researching options for weight loss surgery, one of the biggest questions became finance. Her insurance didn’t cover the surgery, forcing the finances to be a larger factor.

“I chose to self-pay for the surgery. You’d buy a new car if you needed one and this situation was no different. I was investing that money in me,” she says.

Her choice of St. Francis came easier. “I liked that the program was structured, well put-together, and organized,” she says. “When I made the decision to [pursue surgery] and start my new life, I wanted to do it as soon as possible. St. Francis made the process straightforward.”

Since her gastric sleeve surgery, Laura calls this journey “exhilarating”. She enjoys her increased energy and the ability to play with her kids. Even the little things have made a huge impact in Laura’s life. She remembers sending a picture to her husband of herself sitting cross-legged in a chair; something she hadn’t been able to do for years.

“This has been one of the hardest, but most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I now have control over food instead of food controlling me.”

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