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Marques Helps Provide Financial Relief for Infusion Patients

May 13 2022

Meet Marques Wideman, MBA/HRM, MPA, MS, a financial navigator involved in our Pharmacy Patient Assistance Program (PAP)! He shares that one of the program’s primary goals is to limit the overall financial burden for our patients that are receiving medically necessary treatments.

Marques expands on this further, saying, “this program is centered around patients who are currently receiving infusion services at our facilities. These treatments include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, iron replacement products and intravenous immunoglobulin therapy.”

As a member of our team for two-and-a-half years now, Marques’ role in PAP is to consistently motivate his team to research, follow up and develop new opportunities to decrease the financial burden of the individuals we are called to serve. He currently works out of the St. Francis Cancer Center.

“To date, I have had the honor in helping recover more than $2 million in acquisition costs related to injectable drug medications for the current year,” he proudly shares. “This process has reduced the overall medical costs of infusion treatments for the patient.”

Marques is most proud of working collaboratively to help our patients with their financial needs. Marques exhibits grace and humility as he makes a point to mention that he works with a dedicated team of colleagues who are patient-focused, including Richard Slough, Jennifer McKinney, Mandy Lowery and Charlene Washington.

“Also included in our great team are my supervisors, Dionne Pringle and Christi Miller,” Marques adds. “We all work hard to achieve our goals and live up to the mission of our ministry.”

Our PAP program is one of our ministry’s initiatives helping us embrace the rapid evolution of health care. These efforts are helping us meet our patients where they are, when they need us, as an empowered workforce of caregivers who deliver outstanding care.

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