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From Family Center Babies to Best Friends Forever

Apr 27 2022

What makes a best friend? Someone who has similar interests as you? Someone you can be yourself with who doesn’t judge you?

Growing up many young children think their friendships are forever, but true lifelong friendships are rare. However, when they do happen, you hold onto them.

Thirty years ago, three young nurses enrolled their daughters into the family center at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital, a childcare center located on the hospital campus for children of our employees. While the nurses knew the center was a safe, affordable childcare option, they had no idea it would lead to an invaluable 30-year friendship for their daughters.

From the infant room to the toddler room to preschool and summer camps, Susan, Virginia and Becca were inseparable. They grew up attending separate schools, but through the bond they formed at a young age as well as with their similar interests, they stayed connected.

“It’s so special to have friendships that can withstand the test of time,” Susan shares. “You could say the three of us are kindred spirits!”

It was many years ago, but Susan, Virginia and Becca all remember themselves as little girls playing together on the tire swing at the Bon Secours Family Center – they even mentioned a few teachers by name who made a positive impact on their lives. And some of those teachers are still caring for children at our family centers to this day!

“Being friends with Becca and Susan for so long has been such a gift,” Virginia adds. “There were times we didn’t talk for a little bit just because we didn’t go to the same elementary, middle or high school, but we always picked up where we left off.”

Most recently, the trio even stood together at the alter as Virginia married the love of her life.

Of the three girls, Becca decided to pursue her nursing career with us at Bon Secours. Having attended a Bon Secours daycare and then later volunteering at one, Becca knew that she wanted to work at the intensive care unit at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital when she graduated with her nursing degree.

“Bon Secours has always valued their employees and they make it a wonderful place to work,” Becca shares.

Our family centers in our Richmond market have been providing quality childcare for our team members for more than 33 years. Open to children ages six weeks through school age, our family centers offer a supportive, educational environment located on the hospital campuses of Bon Secours St. Mary’s HospitalBon Secours St. Francis Medical Center and Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center.

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